Woah, who turned off the lights?

Erm, that was us, well you can't see the stars with the lights on can you!. Welcome to the food miles fuel burning flight to Jupiter!

The Image below represents the total number of food miles we have recorded since our records began back in March (2009). This figure is currently 27,946,907,939 miles.

The diagram is real time and updates on its own, though there is a long way to go yet, so it may not seem like its moving!

UPDATE 1 - Monday 18th October 2011 - We have made it!!! the distance is done, all 484 million miles!

UPDATE 2 - Friday 27th May 2012- A Further 300 Million miles covered and we have passed Saturn!!

UPDATE 2 - Friday 10th May 2013- 1.6 billion miles later and we can see Uranus out of the window *snigger*

The charts have been updated and we are now on our way to Neptune!

We are 1,023.70% of the way there!